Slovak Register of Public Sector Partners - registration by professional law firm (easy and fast)

What is the RPSP and who must be registered in the RPSP?

The Register of Public Sector Partners (RPSP or RPVS in Slovak) is a public register of individuals (natural persons) and business entities that are receiving state subsidies (e.g., Euro-funds) or are trading with Slovak public sector’s entities (such as ministries, municipalities, schools, hospitals or publicly controlled companies). RPSP stores detailed information on entities and their ultimate beneficial owners (the UBOs), i.e., the actual owners of companies.

In Slovakia, there are two types of registrations in RPSP/RPVS:

1. Mandatory RPVS registration applies for entities that fulfils certain conditions:

RPVS filing is mandatory for certain domestic and foreign individuals or legal persons, in particular where public tenders (in their capacities as contractors of subcontractors), receiving subsidies or purchase of assets owned by public sector entities are concerned. Thus, a public sector partner may be a firm, sole trader or a civic association.

2. Voluntary RPSV registration

In addition, registration in RPSP may also be voluntary – this is used in cases when a businessman seeks to verify identity of its business partner in order to confirm whether it is solid firm without any suspicious activities.

How to register in RPSP?

Unfortunately, business entities are not allowed to file RPSP registration by themselves due to complicated process that leaves room for error.

Registration can be done only through so called 'authorized person' e.g., an advocate, notary, auditor, tax advisor or a bank.

the authorized person prepares the required documentation that are filed through fully electronic registration system in RPSP. The authorized person must have a cooperation agreement in place with the person wishing to registered in RPSP.

What are the costs of RPSP registration, how long does it take and what is included in the process? 

We have fixed price for RPSP registration. The costs for RPSP registration depends on how many Ultimate Beneficial Owners (UBOs) are in the company. Prices for RPSP registration are following:

·        250 EUR for the company with one (1) UBO,

·        350 EUR for the company with two (2) UBOs,

·        450 EUR for the company with three (3) UBOs, and

·        Upon mutual agreement for the company with four (4) and more UBOs.

The entire registration process is usually completed within one (1) week after the candidate company for registration provides all the required underlying information.

The authorized persons specifies the underlying information required for registration in RPSP individually for each particular case. The authorized person is required to review and verify the shareholding and management structure of the potential RPSP partner – relying on relevant documents that are provided by the potential RPSP partner, such as current lists of shareholders in a company, assorted affidavits and extracts from the national and foreign registers of companies. 

What can we do for you?

Do not hesitate to rely on our services, we have handled over 100 applications for registration in RPSP. We will provide you with all relevant document, assist you with fulfilling all the related obligations and we will also take care of all your commercial law-related needs.